Over Kersten

About Kersten

Kersten is a wholesaler for decorative and lifestyle products for every home. De Kersten family loved and loves designing and selecting home accessories. The history of Kersten takes us to the year 1946. That year, Jan Kersten senior started buying and selling photo frames. This happened under the name "Atelier De Zilveren Lijst". It would take until 1969 before the name Kersten B.V. would be used. Jan Kersten junior officially registered Kersten B.V. that year. At the helm of Kersten is now the third generation of the Kersten family. Diederik and Jan-Hidde officially took over the company from their parents in 1995.

Now we design, select and import products from all over the world and serve retailers and entrepreneurs on all continents. Our experienced decoration team creates a new collection twice a year to summarize the essence of the latest trends and developments in the field of homedecoration. We bring these beautiful collections into various themes so that our concepts can easily be implemented in every shop or business.

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Our mission

It is our mission to give our customers an inspiring and unforgettable experience.

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History of Kersten

We love designing, producing and selecting decorative and lifestyle products for home and garden. We have been doing this for over 51 years. Our deco team with designers and stylists compiles a new collection twice a year in which we capture the essence of the latest trends and developments. By offering a huge product range across 18 completely different themes we are able to satisfy a wide range of national and international customers in various sectors.<br> <br> With our own warehouse, with over 9000 items on stock, we are able to guarantee fast delivery times. Our inside sales and supply chain departments will process, check for quality and get the order ready for shipment in no time! And because we’ve established such a close relationship with our international suppliers over our years of intensive cooperation we can guarantee quality. Just as we have for decades!

Three Generations

With the third generation of the Kersten family now at the helm, our 50 years of experience means you can rely on us to use our know-how to give you the best possible service. Working with you, we’ll develop solutions that exactly meet your eeds and, as our client, you can be assured of our complete attention.

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Solar energy

3 year ago we set the goal to become energy-neutral. We want to emit as little air polution as possible and only use energy that comes from renewable sources. To reach this goal we placed 4000m2 of solar panels on the roof of our warehouse. Over the past 3 years we have reduced our CO2 footprint and planted over 10.337+ trees! In total we have saved over 346.340,34 kg of CO2 emissions. <br> <br> Each day we generate over 500 kWh on average. To compare this: an average household uses 7,5 kWh per day. This means that our solar panels can provide more than 65 households of energy each day!